St. Anthony Academy-Gubat, Sorsogon Batch '79

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Taken last June 9, 2004

This website is for the '79 class alumni of St. Anthony Academy, Gubat Sorsogon. You may visit this website for informations regarding home coming and other related activities of the class in or outside the Philippines.

To our classmates, hope this website will help us keep in touch more often. Nagkahurubugan na baga, hanggang sa nagkahiringoragan kita san June 2004. Nim hingan pa!!

And to the Sisters (D.C.) and teachers, thanks for the patience and support.

*thanks to my daughter (Lesley Mae) for her assistance to make this site possible.

Sorry, this home page is still under construction. So far this is what we have right now.


Here we might add an entry whenever  we make an update to our web site.

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June 2004 Class Reunion (Photos)

GubatSAA79 Blog


june, 2002

1st row (from left to right), Danilo Enaje,Dominador Escoto,Renato Espedido,Valentine Espallardo
2nd row (from left to right), Thelma Enaje,Lorenza Lagonoy,Nelia Garcia,Lucia Estipona,Valentina Erpe, Aiva Jerus,Nelda Garcia and Cecilia Rocha



We are proud to be Anthonians and it is an honor to be in the Class of '79.

This site has been updated (Dec. 2004).  Addresses of our classmates and photos taken last June 2004 reunion were also added.  The 1979 alumni are encouraged to turn in their address and other informations they want to be added on the site to:
Nelia Garcia - Villaflores


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to our site.